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The LeBronichles of James (Part 3 of 3)
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Blog posted 4/8/2011 by MajorBradley

Last week, I said that LeBron James could not be blamed for leaving the professional basketball team located in his region of origin.

I was going to get in to whether LeBron had offended his professional loyalty and make a case for the fact that James' only real mistake was The Decision.

However, he then no-showed his introduction to a Cavs-Heat game in Cleveland and my opinion ... changed.

I took LeBron to task for being immature and sheltered like a premature kitten. This piece represents the conclusion of my LeBronalysis.

It was patently childish for LeBron to stick his middle finger even further up Cleveland's rear end.

LeBron James is the same entity that he was when he came in to the league at age 18—a man child.

A baby in the body of Adonis.

A petulant, selfish, infant.

He is not an adult.

LeBron's playoff failures speak to these facts—in this humble writer's opinion, he exhibited a gross lack of maturity when he quit on Cleveland in the last minutes of Game 6 against Boston in the Eastern Conference Semifinals last season.


Because he knew he was gone.

That is not to say that he actually knew; rather, that it became highly apparent that Cleveland didn't have the kind of team—and was not going to have the kind of team—that could get through a playoff series with an Eastern Conference giant and emerge victorious.

I went to text my Cleveland friends early in the fourth quarter, as LeBron was haplessly jogging up and down the court, only to find that they had all already texted me:

Wow, LeBron left for New York after the third quarter—the guy out there is a stand-in.

Do you think the Knicks poisoned his hand chalk before the game?

Cleveland's economy is now based on Mo Williams.

[Click this link for clarity on that last one]

I actually had no problem with him leaving ... for New York.

The nation would have understood completely—where better to ply one's trade as a Global Icon?

Great fans: check
Proud history: check
Savior status: check
Spike Lee: check—the man has his own Air Jordans and he is like 5'2"!

It would have made all the sense in the world—but no, LeBron wanted to hang out with his friends.

He doesn't want to be a part of history.

LeBron wants to be surrounded by Yes men.

He was the patriarch of that Cavaliers team—so much so that Daniel Gibson once referred to him as his "big brother," despite the fact that they are essentially the same age.

LeBron loved his Cavs teammates, but he was bored with their playing ability.

New York had the bright lights and the glorious potential, but it also has a coach who refuses to take a back seat to his players.

Which brings us to another point—Cleveland hiring Byron Scott, a notorious disciplinarian.

That move was the worst thing that Cleveland did in its attempt to keep James.

But in Miami?

A no-name guy whose head coaching experience included two years as a player-coach in the German league and who started with Heat as a 24-year-old video coordinator ... and who, most importantly, looks like a teenager—Erik Spoelstra.

That guy was surely not going to get in the way of LeBron and his playmates—it'll be like summer camp without the counselors, guys!

King James?

Seems more like Sweet Baby James ...

You had LeBron at Erik, Miami.

Major Bradley is Managing Editor of The Fansite Network and can be reached at, as well as @MajorBradley & @FansiteSports on Twitter, as well as on The Fansite Network Facebook page

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