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Allen Thinks... First Round Edition
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Blog posted 4/26/2011 by thegeneral

Allen Iverson has some things to say. I think he's thinking that most what's going on in the NBA is a good thing, but I'm sure he's also baffled by the play of some of the league's better teams.

Q -- Allen, do you think the Spurs are done? They're down 3-1 to the Grizzlies and look like they can't come back from it.

A -- Let me tell you somethun'! The Spurs are D O N E, done. If you're going to punk out to a team like the Grizzlies then you deserve to go home packing. I mean, how in the hell can the Grizzlies get the upper hand on the Spurs. It's like the Spurs forgot how to play defense. I remember dealing with them back in the day, and this ain't the same team.

Q -- Would you argue that every team that has a star guard is in good shape and every team who has a star forward or center is in bad shape.

A -- Hell yeah! You need someone who can cut to the hole or distribute the ball, man. Look at the Celtics. They have Rondo. The Bulls have Rose. The Lakers have Kobe. Even the Spurs had Tony Parker until they got old.

Look at the Knicks. They got a big dude with a bad back and a really selfish forward who doesn't get it. Man, if I was ever satisfied with losing in the playoffs I sure hope somebody punched me square in the face. That's just ridiculous. Small is the way to go.

Q -- Allen, are the Hawks better than the Magic or are the Hawks just getting lucky right now.

A -- Man, the Hawks are a punk-ass franchise if I ever saw one. Their excuse is always the same, "We had a hard time getting motivated today." Well, then run out in traffic you peckerwoods! We don't got time for this. We're talkin' about the playoffs, man. Just because they're winning now doesn't mean it's over. We'll see what the big boy has in store for them.

Q -- Thank you for your time, Allen.

A -- The pleasure was all yours, baby!

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